General Volunteer badge 2

General Volunteers will work three (3) five (5) hour shifts throughout the weekend.  Everyone will work at least two shifts Friday through Sunday with the option of requesting shifts on Thursday or Monday. Shifts begin at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm.

General Volunteer responsibilities throughout the weekend may include:

  • Wristband Scanning
  • VIP, Stage, Camping and other entry check points
  • Security assistance
  • Box office assistance
  • Front Gate assistance
  • VIP bar and campground assistance
  • General Store and Bar assistance


Green Team

Green Team volunteers may work a mix of festival grounds and sorting tent shifts. Each shift is 5-hours in the festival grounds and 4-hours in the sorting tent. Volunteers may request all-sorting, though shifts are assigned as needed. Shifts begin at 8am12pm or 4pm.

Green Team volunteers have the following responsibilities:

  • Sorting collected recycling and compost for appropriate processing
  • Maintaining the waste stations, teaching patrons how to properly dispose compost, recycling and garbage (Garbage Goalie!)
  • Assisting to keep the grounds clean
  • Assist in Soulshine activities and education