General Volunteers will work three (3) five (5) hour shifts throughout the weekend.  Everyone will work at least two shifts Friday through Sunday with the option of requesting shifts on Thursday or Monday. Shifts begin at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm.

General Volunteer responsibilities throughout the weekend may include:

  • Wristband Scanning
  • VIP, Stage, Camping and other entry check points
  • Security assistance
  • Box office assistance
  • Front Gate assistance
  • Artist and Staff check in assistance
  • VIP bar and campground assitance
  • General Store and Bar assistance





Soulshine Ambassadors will participate in a total of 18 hours broken into multiple shifts throughout the weekend.  Shifts may be available Wednesday, Thursday and Monday by request.

Soulshine Ambassadors applications are more involved than the standard volunteer or green team applications.  Those who join this team should have high ambitions to be very loud, active, exciting and involved in the festival Make a Difference program.  If we find an applicant that may not suit this time, applicant will have the option of joining either the General Volunteer team or the Green Team.

Please read this info sheet before applying as a Soulshine Ambassador.

Soulshine Ambassador responsibilities include:

  • Promote the Soulshine schedule and Make a Difference Programming
  • Actively parade through the festival grounds in jubilant experession with themed costumes rewarding Scampers for random acts and kindness and greenness
  • Encourage Scamppers to participate in workshops and other interactive education demonstrations
  • Lift the community vibe of the festival; be loud, visible and increase the excitement!
  • Facilitate the Treasure Hunt
  • Provide Scampers with information on festival’s Accessibility information
  • Promote and facilitate the Soulshine Raffle
    Educate Scampers about the sustainability efforts of the festival