Victor Wooten Takes Maya’s Picture!

“Smile!” We abruptly turned around to see who demanded it, and Victor Wooten snapped a quick Polaroid from the back of his golf cart. We smiled, didn’t stop smiling until the weekend ended.

After games of dodge ball, eating lunch to killer Umphrey’s set, and strolling down glow stick lit paths into magical woods full of fairies and wonders, I realized ‘Summer Camp’ is truly the only description for the festivities. Volunteering at the festival was the inauguration into a family. My duties to maintain the rage within the VIP area granted me not only a killer view of the stage, but the opportunity to meet the beautiful people bearing the correct color wristband. Off duty, my tent was in the prime location adjacent to the Sunshine stage- people would come in and say hello, bearing food and other gifts. I can write about every set moe. and Umphrey’s played, or how Bela Fleck brought the banjo funk, but it was the people who made the experience. My time as a Volunteer wasn’t just working at a music festival; it was making memories that will last forever. There are only so many things that can be expressed in words, but Summer Camp can express the emotions through its music.

Hugs were shared, lyrics were belted, and faces were melted.