Since the festival’s inception, raising awareness around social issues and providing opportunities for the Summer Camp Music Festival fan base to make an impact has been an ongoing focus. Initiated as the Make a Difference program, the offered content and programming has grown exponentially and was recently rebranded into the Soulshine Experience.

Soulshine Experience Logo

SOULPATCH22-LogoLooking to get involved in something new? Visit one of our four spaces of activation and plug into a daily dose of loving goodness to empower, inspire, and educate you with the tools for sustainable community! Daily workshops, live bands and discussions will be alongside live art, and active education. Be sure to check out each day’s Soulshine and SOULPATCH schedule and amplify ways you can SHINE your dedication towards a brighter world!

Soulshine Yoga Hosted by Tamo Vision

Rejuvenate & connect with the community at camp! Start your day right as we move together united in presence, breath, and heart. Cultivate a collective loving kindness vibe. Sessions will include super chill and feel-good flow, breathwork and meditation to help you restore & balance. All are welcome! Please bring your own mat or blanket. Limited supply available to borrow. Sessions are led by TamoVision from Peoria, IL. Come celebrate 10 years of yoga at Soulshine with us! Let your Soulshine!

Reclaiming Your Roots: Native American Song & Dance
Hosted by Eagle Ridge & Friends
FRIDAY + Sunday 12PM – 1PM

Come join the Eagle Ridge family on it’s journey to get back to our tribal roots. Native American styled song, dance, regalia (dance outfits) and a bit of wisdom from days gone by in a world that really does need to tap into a new direction before it’s too late. All are welcome in our circle. One love, y’all

Soulshine Celebration Concert with Everyone Orchestra

Everyone Orchestra conducted by Matt Butler featuring a multitude of Summer Camp All Stars! Make sure to participate in any Soulshine Activity to secure your entry to this very special event and celebrate how we can all Make a Difference in the world!
By participating with The Soulshine Experience. Attend a workshop within the Soulshine Tent or SOULPATCH, visit a Nonprofit booth, and engage in more than the music at #SCamp22. As a thank you, we’ll treat you to this special performance!

The Sonic Portal

Liberation is the nervous system devoid of mental conceptual activity… Imagine a place, inside yourself, clutter-free without the troubles of everyday distraction. Enter The Sonic Portal to explore a place free from words, thought formation or physical plane limitations.

Is to unlock what lies inside of you and shake it free via vibrational waves with a voyage to inner & outer space and everywhere in-between. From the depths of your imagination to the edge of your awareness our goal is to provide a non verbal lesson in the moment while giving you an experience you never dreamed possible.

What is the Sonic Portal? Performing around you in 360 degrees our Sonic Sculptors utilize a precisely tuned collection of nickel-silver planetary gongs. The unique and fluid soundscape we create allows vibrations to permeate your body, giving you an extra-sensory experience not only heard but felt.

This level of sound immersion can rapidly disconnect you from your chaotic modern environment, allowing you to float away to another reality creating an amazing illusion of transport. “We don’t know where you are going but we know how to get you there!”

Soulshine Live Art Gallery

For the 11th year, the visual artists are back, hosting the Soulshine Live Art Gallery! Feast your eyes on the 2022 edition of visual stimulation and mind-bending reality at the Soulshine Tent and watch artists live paint to your favorite sets of music at the main stages.


Mack Glass

Are you ready to try your skills at glassmaking? Join Jason Mack of Mack Glass where you will learn about the benefits and challenges of using recycled glass in small-scale art production and large-scale manufacturing. Sign up for an introductory workshop to learn how to create your own pendant necklace using recycled glass. Space is limited for the hands-on portion of the workshop – so get in early!

Intro to Handpan: The Music Within!

Find the music inside yourself. Through the handpan, a steel drum-like instrument, anyone can step up and create raw melodic percussion music. The handpan acts as a mirror, and can tell expressive stories from within ourselves. Join in this drum circle style workshop with these rare and unique instruments!

Ambient Handpan: Connect to the Music Within

Smell the flowers and watch the bees. Drift off into morning meditation supported by the exploration of sonic possibilities through the music of the handpan. Enjoy the spacious morning with artist Maxwell Edison.

Open Drum Circle!

Let loose, shake it out and feel the rhythm of the drum. Drums welcomed, drums provided.