Since the festival’s inception, raising awareness around social issues and providing opportunities for the Summer Camp Music Festival fan base to make an impact has been an ongoing focus. Initiated as the Make a Difference program, the offered content and programming has grown exponentially and was recently rebranded into the Soulshine Experience.

Visit the hub of it all, the Soulshine Tent initiated in 2008. Here you can find the Soulshine Stage rolling from early morning yoga through till the late night sets, the SOULounge hosting the freshest workshops and daily demonstrations, the Soulshine Live Art Gallery with the silent auction which supports our participating non-profits and the main festival Lost and Found.  Across the SOULfield you can wind your way through various art installations to participate in the Non-Profit Row or towards the SOULPATCH – the festival’s interactive year-round garden space! 

Looking to get involved in something new? Visit one of our four spaces of activation and plug into a daily dose of loving goodness to empower, inspire, and educate you with the tools for sustainable community! Daily workshops, live bands and discussions will be alongside live art, and active education. Be sure to check out each day’s Soulshine and SOULPATCH schedule and amplify ways you can SHINE your dedication towards a brighter world!




Soulshine Yoga hosted by Tamo Vision
Rejuvenate & connect with the community at camp! Start your day right as we move together united in presence, breath, and heart. Cultivate a collective loving kindness vibe. Sessions will include super chill and feel-good flow, breathwork and meditation to help you restore & balance. All are welcome! Please bring your own mat or blanket. Limited supply available to borrow. Sessions are led by TamoVision from Peoria, IL. Come celebrate 10 years of yoga at Soulshine with us! Let your Soulshine

Soulshine Celebration Concert with Everyone Orchestra
Everyone Orchestra conducted by Matt Butler featuring a multitude of Summer Camp All Stars! Make sure to participate in the Scavenger Hunt to secure your entry to this very special event and celebrate how we can all Make a Difference in the world!

Soulshine Experience Scavenger Hunt
Join our Soulshine Celebration with Everyone Orchestra by taking part in our Scavenger Hunt. Participate in three of the action items listed on the inside of the back cover page of the Festival Guide and you will receive a wristband to this exclusive event!

Soulshine Raffle
Throughout the weekend, Soulshine Ambassadors will be roaming the grounds to find campers who Make a Difference! Campers who participate in keeping the scene clean, creating positive energy, performing random acts of kindness, keeping a clean camp and more will have a chance to win great prizes!

This year you can make a glass pendant, an eco-friendly bar of soap, or paint your own potted plant daily at the SOULounge. Come hang out with the Soulshine Ambassadors to talk about how you can make an impact by participating in any Soulshine or SOULPATCH workshop or the Non-Profit Row or claim your Everyone Orchestra wristband! Get cozy with us inside the Soulshine Tent while you collaborate in a music lesson or watch an interview/ performance on the Soulshine Stage. We have it all at the get-your-comfort-on-and-make-a-difference SOULounge.

Eagle Ridge + Friends Pres. Heartbeat of the People: Native American Song & Dance
The Eagle Ridge & Friends have returned to Summer Camp Music Festival to share their Native American heritage. Summer Camp goers will receive an introduction to the importance of the Drum as the central part of any powwow and the respect for it in every aspect of culture; as well as how the songs are structured and their relationship to the drum and dance.

Demonstrations of different dance styles will be offered in which audience participation is greatly encouraged to get everyone involved and experience the power of the drum! Look for the Eagle Ridge & Friends involvement throughout the festival at the Medicine Wheel near SOULPATCH, helping to host the Opening and Closing Ceremony and sharing fellowship all weekend.

The Sonic Portal
Liberation is the nervous system devoid of mental conceptual activity… Imagine a place, inside yourself, clutter-free without the troubles of everyday distraction. Enter The Sonic Portal to explore a place free from words, thought formation or physical plane limitations.

Let your spirit explore the vastness that is everything and nothing. Experience the ultimate vacation from your vacation. Take a trip with us – “We Don’t know where you are going but we know how to get you there.” Follow on Instagram @sonicportal

Soulshine Live Art Gallery
For the 10th year, the visual artists are back, hosting the Soulshine Live Art Gallery! Feast your eyes on the 2021 edition of visual stimulation and mind-bending reality at the Soulshine Tent and watch artists live paint to your favorite sets of music at the main stages.

Live Art Gallery
The Live Art Gallery is back! Be sure to swing by the Soulshine Tent to check out the 5th year of visual stimulation! Artists will be holding space in the tent each day and painting live to your favorite sets of music at the stages.


Mack Glass
Are you ready to try your skills at glassmaking? Join Jason Mack of Mack Glass where you will learn about the benefits and challenges of using recycled glass in small-scale art production and large-scale manufacturing. Sign up for an introductory workshop to learn how to create your own pendant necklace using recycled glass. Space is limited for the hands-on portion of the workshop – so get in early!

Change Your Life Through Juggling!
Join Soulshine Ambassador Chandler Corbin in this workshop on the juggling art of zen! 5 years ago he learned juggling at SCMF; learn how this meditative task is good for you, relaxes you, and helps your brain grow! Bring your own props or rummage through Chandler’s large box full of fun!

Reduce – Reuse – Regrow
Participate in this bonding experience that turns a piece of “trash” into a piece of “artwork”. Guide your senses through creation, nature based science, and the greater awareness of the world we gain when we use less! Learn about plant systems, plant care, and how to propagate your plant into future generations that you can gift to your friends and family! Who doesn’t love plants?! Take your workshop memory home and watch it grow!

YOU Make ME Sprout
The ultimate Soulshine Experience souvenir – an upcycled potted plant! Visit this daily demonstration that combines your artistic touch, repurposed materials and the growing sensation of a plant that you can observe evolve into the future. Learn how everyday items can be reused into something you can admire everyday; fun for the kids, great for the adults. Bonus points for Instagram Posts that tag #Scamp20 #SoulshineExperience #ScampSOULPATCH with your planted art you just created!

Natural Soap: Make and Take!
Learn how to make an all natural bar of soap that is environmentally safe and a healthier option for your body! Participant in this ongoing workshop with vibrant colors & unique shapes accented with fragrant oils & essential oils of your choice.

GoSUN! Innovative and Alternative Uses from the Sun!
GoSun’s solar powered kitchen is a display of portable solar appliances that help you thrive while building a more sustainable, independent and resilient life. The GoSun crew is happy to answer questions to educate about how the technology is able to: Cook, Refrigerate, Purify water, Sanitize, Brew coffee, and Charge devices, all with Solar.

Intro to Handpan: The Music Within!
Find the music inside yourself. Through the handpan, a steel drum-like instrument, anyone can step up and create raw melodic percussion music. The handpan acts as a mirror, and can tell expressive stories from within ourselves. Join in this drum circle style workshop with these rare and unique instruments!

Ambient Handpan: Connect to the Music Within
Self meditation and stretching before & during yoga with raw melodic notes of the handpan. Enjoy the spacious morning with artist Maxwell Edison.

Ambient Handpan: Connect to the Music Within
Smell the flowers and watch the bees. Drift off into morning meditation supported by the exploration of sonic possibilities through the music of the handpan. Enjoy the spacious morning with artist Maxwell Edison.

Open Drum Circle!
Let loose, shake it out and feel the rhythm of the drum. Drums welcomed, drums provided. Hosted by Peoria Drum Circle.