SOULPATCH Collaborators

Come Be A Part Of SOULPATCH!

The Soulshine Experience at Summer Camp Music Festival is excited to offer an Application for New Collaborators  for engaging and interactive demonstrations regarding urban gardening, permaculture, natural building, sustainable design and regenerative agriculture. The demonstration installations will be located at SOULPATCH, Summer Camp Music Festivals’ long-term garden space dedicated to bringing sustainable living skills to the public.

2022 Application Parameters 
  • Repurposed building materials are highly encouraged.

  • Installations should not exceed 6’ in height, with a maximum footprint of 12’x12’.

  • Concepts and techniques shall include but not be limited to natural building, composting, hugelkultur, rain gardens, urban gardening in restricted spaces, high yield gardening, chicken coops/ tractors, vertical gardening, and aquaponics.

  • Accepted applicants should expect potential feedback and design adjustments to ensure the installation fits within the SOULPATCH space needs and desired aesthetic.

  • All ideas and concepts will be considered, even if it has been showcased in previous years.

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to design modular installations where the bulk of the construction can be done prior to arrival.

  • Applicants are encouraged to create learning lessons in the following mediums: diagrams, description signs, one-page narratives, hour-long workshops, and must be prepared to orally verbalize educational components in a conversational setting. (Support from the SOULPATCH administrative team can be requested).

 Priority will be given to installations that: 
  • Can be left as permanent infrastructure in SOULPATCH, contributing to and expanding the project’s educational goals.

  • Can provide highly interactive education or passive education (with detailed diagrams/ descriptions and explanations of illustrated concepts) to festival goers during the festival weekend, as well as periodic hour-long workshops as part of the festivals’ scheduled programming.

  • Are submitted from organizations that have capacity to develop a long term relationship with SOULPATCH by:

  • Hosting weekend workshops throughout the year

  • Supporting ongoing build projects that contribute to the master plan.

  • Join and be a part of our facebook group community “SOULPATCH at Summer Camp Music Festival”

  • Facilitating grant opportunities, partnerships and sponsorship.