Rodney Saves the Day for Karl Denson

I was lucky enough to get a job driving golf carts for SCamp last year. I wasn’t expecting the need for a 4×4 cart. Never letting a little rain and mud or a lot of both to hinder my mission, I drove that Saturday for 12hrs. During this shift I was assigned to take Karl Denison and crew to eat after their set. Now if you know about this legend of Get Down, you know they dress real nice. As I started down the path right away I knew I’d picked the wrong way. It wasn’t long when Karl figured it out. WE were stuck in four inches of mud. I assured my passengers I was getting them to dinner and clean. Knowing the Power of SCampers I stood up and Shouted “WHO WANTS TO HELP ME? I JUST GOT KARL DENISON STUCK IN THE MUD.” With in seconds about six peeps appear and start pushing. They followed the golf cart making sure we made it to Dinner with my passengers were fairly clean. Summer Camp is all about getting On The Bus, getting In The Van, and keeping the golf cart keeping On.
Thanks for doing all you guys do
Rodney Britz