Margaret Makes New Friends!

Hello!!! Last year was my first time attending the infamous Summer Camp Music Festival as a general volunteer. IT WAS AWESOME!! I met some of the coolest people, listened to some great music, and had quite a blast. Some people don’t like the idea of being a volunteer because you miss some of the shows while you’re working. I was fortunate enough to have a job by the Moe stage where I got to listen and dance and see the day shows while also doing my job that consisted of, not letting people walk where the golf carts drive (not too shabby?!). I got to meet this sweet little boy who was running around squirting people with his squirt gun because it was so hot. If his mom weren’t around I probably would have adopted him. Our campsite was perfect as well. Great people, great food, in the woods, I really couldn’t have asked for a better set up. My favorite memory from working was guarding the doors of the late night barn and running into Stasik from Umphrey’s, which was UNREAL. I posted a few pictures that sums up how magically perfect my experience was. Can’t wait until 2013! Not too much longer now!