Kristin Learns How to Make an Impact

green team (1)
This picture came from Day 3 of our Summer Camp Green Team Volunteer experience. You can probably tell from our expressions that we were a little skeptical of what we were about to get ourselves into on this last day of volunteer work! No one told us how much work sorting through peoples’ trash would be;) We spent 4 hours digging through garbage bag after garbage bag, elbow deep in things I wish to never see again, and wondering how time could move so slow. And then!…at the end of our shift, after we had separated all of the recyclables from mere trash, we looked over to the right at the huge metal bins and were overcome with joy to see that all of our time picking up trash over the weekend had actually paid off! The recycling bins were overflowing and the bin of actual trash was tiny in comparison:)

Knowing that we made a huge impact that weekend and worked alongside other environmental stewards to keep the park clean made us feel really good. This is something Amy and I will never forget. Its important to ‘leave no trace’ and to remember how much can be accomplished with a group of dedicated individuals all working toward a common goal.

Peace and Love,