Jacqueline Shakes Hands with Les Claypool!

My favorite memory from last years Summer Camp began when I got my volunteer schedule and saw that I was scheduled to work from 8pm-1am on Friday night, which was when primus was going to be playing! There were many bands that I wanted to see but primus was at the very top of my list so I was very bummed. When my friend and I showed up for our shift I let the coordinator know that Primus was the band I came to see and she said she couldn’t make any promises but she would see what she could do…Our shift that night ended up being checking VIP wristbands for the main stage backstage entrance!!! I was able to hear the entire show, and check passes of some pretty awesome people! I even saw Les Claypool getting on his bus after the show!!! Sooooo I would NEVER take back volunteering for Summer Camp 2012!!!!!!