Good Opportunities and New Friends

I volunteered for with Summer camp Music Festival in 2009, my first year at the event. Based on a friend’s advice, a veteran of the fest, I figured this would be great way to see some fantastic bands, save some money and give back in the process. Little did I know I would receive all this and more…

I arrived at the check in station and learned that for my first shift I would be helping advise my fellow attendees in sorting their garbage, recycle and compost materials into the right cans. Through this process I learned that all of the vendor’s packaging, plates, bowls and utensils were compostable. How responsible and cool! During my shift I was stationed at the main stage and saw two great bands play. I was essentially getting paid to help the festival stay clean and see Summer Camp’s always killer live music.

My next shift I was stationed next to the artist entrance at the red barn. Here I worked with a guy over twice my age with 4 times the cool experiences. He told me stories of seeing the Grateful Dead, what concerts were like back in the day and many more.

Finally, my last shift may have been the best. I was working at an entrance to the Moonshine stage. I got to meet a pretty cool girl and to no surprise we liked a lot of the same music so a new friendship was formed. A festival employee came by to ask us of a very important duty… they offered one of us a spot to dance on stage with Girl Talk! I let my new friend go up the stage and dance, finished out my shift and got released just in time to meet up with my friends for the always spectacular Umphrey’s McGee!

I put a little bit of my time and effort in and got a lot back. I haven’t missed a year since. Thanks Summer Camp!