Brooke is Backstage for Green Team

I have volunteered with Green Team twice now, but my favorite volunteer memory is from my first SCamp in 2014. It was my second shift with Green Team, and I was working the Moonshine Stage on Friday. The first few hours of our shift were dragging because that stage hadn’t even opened yet. We passed the time talking to new friends and scouring the grass for “micro litter”. Just as moe. was about to take the stage, my supervisor (Murph!) zoomed up on a golf cart and told me he had a new job for me. I was a little skeptical because I really wanted to watch the moe. set and I also didn’t want to be separated from my boyfriend, but I got in. I asked if we were going far, and he said “No, we’re going backstage.” He dropped me backstage at a recycling station and told me he’d pick me up at the end of my shift. I was so shellshocked! Here I was, someone who hardly ever makes her way up to the rail, BACKSTAGE! It was a totally new experience for me, and I had a blast. I remember I was standing right next to the Primus trailer. Unbelievable! I boogied backstage to moe., caught a glimpse of Les Claypool and Brendan Bayliss, was treated to VIP amenities, all while doing my part to keep Summer Camp green. While my dead phone prevented me from keeping photographic evidence, I have so many mental images that I will always cherish. Needless to say Green Team and Summer Camp stole my heart that year and it will forever be my festival. Ready for my third SCamp this year and so grateful for Green Team!