All Volunteer Teams are now full. Thanks for joining us in 2016!

Volunteers at Summer Camp Music Festival play a vital role in the success of our event, and it would not be possible without them!

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Are YOU interested in earning a 3-Day GA Pass and Thursday Pre-Party Ticket to Summer Camp 2016 in exchange for your time?
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Choose which team you would like to join.General Volunteers assist with the basic operations of the festival including…



  • Box Office
  • Wristband check
  • General Store, Bar help and more



Green Team supports all aspects of…

  • Recycling, composting
  • Sorting post disposed recycling and compost
  • Other greening initiatives during the festival




Soulshine Ambassadors promote social and ecological stewardship…

  • Promote sustainability, acts of greenness
  • Encourage Nonprofit participation
  • Support and promote Soulshine Schedule
  • Please read this info sheet before applying as a Soulshine Ambassador.



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Step 2

Purchase Deposit Ticket for chosen team.  You will NOT be able to fill out an application for volunteering without purchasing your Deposit Ticket first.

Purchase Your Deposit

Step 3

Fill out application for chosen team.

Once you purchase a deposit ticket, you receive a link and password to the matching application. This comes AT THE END of your ticket purchase, or in the ticket confirmation email.

Step 4

You’re accepted!

If you have purchased a deposit and submitted an application, you’re all set! If the application is correctly filled out, you are automatically accepted. If we find any errors in the application, you will be notified via email.

At this point, volunteer managers will correspond with confirmed volunteers via email regarding scheduling, arrival and all other info necessary to complete your hours.


PLEASE read the FAQ page for any questions you may have. They are most definitely answered here!

What you receive in exchange for hours worked

  • (1) 3 GA Day Pass
  • (1) Thursday Pre-Party pass
  • VIP upgrades, Late Night tickets, RV passes and all other Non GA tickets must be purchased on TOP of your deposit.

Cancellation Process

  • If you cancel prior to March 4th, you may receive a 100% refund of your deposit.
  • If you cancel prior to April 22nd, you may receive a 50% refund of your deposit.
  • If you cancel after April 22nd, you may not receive your deposit in refund.
  • If you sign up to volunteer after April 22nd, your deposit is only refundable by completing your volunteer hours.


  • Refunds will take up to 15 working days post festival to process.  The festival ends MONDAY, Memorial Day, so up to 15 WORKING days  after that(up to June 20th) is when the refund will hit your bank account.
  • Refunds are only processed if you have completed three full length shifts on the team you choose.

Summer Camp’s 2016 Street Team is now open!

Waste Station 2014