Soulshine Ambassadors Information Guide

Thank you for your interest in promoting the Soulshine Experience programming at Summer Camp Music Festival! The following is intended to give you a reference as to the goals and expectations of participation in the Soulshine Ambassador program.

Soulshine Ambassadors weave more energy and interconnection into the social and ecological interests of the festival. The Soulshine Ambassadors are the representatives to help connect festival patrons to the ideals and programming throughout the weekend. Soulshine Ambassadors are encouraged to be vocal and highly visible. Be jubilant, be silly, and be loud! There are specific tasks that the Ambassadors will be in charge of facilitating, but the overarching goal is to entice more festival patrons to experience new things within the Soulshine programing. In the weeks preceding Summer Camp Music Festival, Soulshine Ambassadors are encouraged to collaborate with each other regarding costume ideas, creative chants or other concepts that can help get the attention of large crowds of people. Each Ambassador should review all of the Soulshine Experience programming; SOULPATCH, Soulshine Tent, Workshops and NonProfit partner related resources and programing ahead of time. For more background information please visit the Resource links.

NonProfit Benefits
Festival Sustainability Initiatives
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Soulshine Experience 
Soulshine Tent
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Accessibility Info


★ Increase Summer Camper visits to the Soulshine Tent and participation in various programing
★ Stroll the festival grounds to recognize random acts of ‘greenness’ & kindness rewarded with Soulshine Raffle tickets
★ Parade around festival grounds with highly visible costumes and theatrics to encouraging participation in workshops, non-profit causes and drives, Treasure Hunt, and daily Soulshine Raffle

★ Be Loud, visible and outgoing!
★ Be knowledge of Soulshine Programs by preparing before the festival.
★ Volunteered or worked with projects in past that support social or ecological causes.
★ Educate festival patrons on festival’s sustainable attributes and greening efforts.
★ Make Friends! Talk to patrons, find out what they are interested in and suggest what they might like (introduce them to workshops and organizations that match their interests ).
★ Use creative expression: Costumes, signs, goofy props and/ or animal costumes!
★ Create theatrical skits to draw attention (Polar Bears chasing ice burgs, lumps of coal chasing icebergs; Bees chasing flowers, pesticide aerosol cans chasing bees; etc. etc.).
★ Soulshine Raffle: Pass out raffle tickets daily and be present for daily drawing to help build energy.
★ Treasure Hunt: Inform festival patrons about Treasure Hunt and stamp booklets for participation.
★ Accessibility Information: Located at same location as Treasure Hunt table; provide info to patrons.
★ Facilitate patron interaction of programs at the Soulshine tent and parade festival grounds in teams.

● Ambassadors will participate in a conference call prior to the festival to review programs and activities.
● If possible, Soulshine Ambassadors are encouraged to participate in set-up Wednesday and Thursday working to strengthen the aesthetics of the Soulshine tent, creating bonds and connections with other Ambassadors and creating signs/ tools for visibility used parading efforts.
● Wednesday 8/18 Arrival: between 10am-6pm CST (No later than 7pm CST).
● Thursday 8/19 Arrival: between 8am-12pm CST.
● Detailed check-in and camping info will be provided after you are registered.
● A total of eighteen (18) volunteer hours spread over the festival are required.
● Soulshine Ambassador orientation is TBD based on everyone’s schedule.

For questions, email