Tara Sees Big G Through the Years and Makes Lasting Friendships!

I’ve been a Green Team member for several years.

I was first a volunteer in 2010 where I had an amazing experience watching Big Gigantic from behind the scenes at the small campfire stage. What is interesting is how Big Gigantic used to be a small band that played on a low key stage and now they are on the bigger stages like Moonshine. I am happy that I got to see them when they were first starting to play at Summer Camp and I’m happy because I have gotten to see them grow throughout the years.

The second time I volunteered was last year in 2012 where I met some of the most interesting people when working my 5 hour shifts. The dusty, sandy hot air was unpleasant to work in, however all the people I was assigned to work with made the hours fly by. To this day I am in contact with those people and will forever look back on those hours spent sorting, cleaning, and advising scampers on waste disposal.