Workshop Application

Think you have a great idea for a Soulshine Experience workshop or activity? We want to hear from you! Over the years we have hosted everything from instrument making to biodiesel manufacturing, and human powered energy to artistic DIY techniques. Do you have a skill to share? What is your passion for life that others could benefit from? Submit an application to participate in this year’s workshops. 


We have listed some key definitions here to guide your application process. Thanks for your interest in joining The Soulshine Experience to Make a Difference!


The Soulshine Tent is a great space to host an intimate workshop on the floor or a huge group activity with the use of the stage & PA system. This stage is often used for musician sets, large and loud workshops, and activities that contain more than 40 people in the audience. While the tent space is an interactive, but intimate and comfortable setting for community participation of workshops and demonstrations. This space is best utilized for activities involving 40 people or less that does not require a PA. We are looking for workshops that engage festival-goers in meaningful and creative activities. In past years we have hosted classes pertaining to healing arts, instruments built from recycled materials, and biofuel production methods.


Let’s get moving!  Share with us how you want us to stretch, shake, shimmy and embrace our bodies.  If you want to host a meditation, yoga, body movement or similar workshop, this is the place for you.  If you want to host a workshop on belly dancing, how to do the tootsie-roll or other dance class, this is also the place for you!  With this kind of workshop, we prefer to have instructors use the stage and PA system to really reach all participants.


Murals, finger-painting, sculpting OH MY!  Hands-on art workshops have been wonderfully creative over the years, from giant community murals, oversized coloring books, glass blowing workshops and more, we’ve had it all.  Or have we?  Let us know your creative outlet and how you want to share it with everyone else! (Unless you plan to host over 40 people to this workshop, plan to host it in the SOULounge where most art projects are created!)


Did we miss something you want to share? Then share it!


• Wristbands for workshops are approved on a case by case basis per Workshop Coordinator.  There is an expectation of cumulative activity time work exchange per ticket.
• Summer Camp Music Festival has a limited ability to provide supplies; please refine your concepts to be as self-sufficient as possible.
• A variety of times are available during the festival from noon Thursday till Sunday afternoon; if you have a preference of time slots for consideration, please explicitly note that in your application.
• Not all applications will be accepted, all applicants will be reviewed.
• Classes associated with repurposed items, DIY empowering techniques, healthy body choices and community forwarding concepts will be tracked with greater consideration.