Treasure Hunt

We do everything we can to Make a Difference and we encourage you to join us!  Participate in the Make a Difference Treasure Hunt, bring your completed card to the SOULounge inside Soulshine Tent to claim your prize. 

Engage in three of the action items listed on the back cover page of the program (and below!) to receive a wristband to the exclusive Make a Difference Celebration with Everyone Orchestra!

Visit the SOULounge in the Soulshine Tent to get your Treasure Hunt checked off!

This year’s Treasure Hunt Action Items are:
1 Take part in the Make a Difference Raffle
2 Bring sorted recycling bags to the SOULounge
3 Visit with a NonProfit
4 Participate in any Soulshine Workshop
5 Visit the SOULPATCH
6 Take photo of yourself performing activity to Make a Difference and tag #SCampMakeADifference
7 Show your reusable water bottle off at SOULounge
8 Participate in any Soulshine Art Project

INSTANT ways to receive your access to the Make a Difference Celebration with Everyone Orchestra
1 Donate food to Conscious Alliance
2 Register to Vote with HeadCount
3 Volunteer for any volunteer team
4 Recycle 50 Cigarette Butts with Sustainable Concepts Green Team
5 Donate a Hygiene Pack to Yodeladies

The 2019 Everyone Orchestra lineup will be conducted by Matt Butler featuring Al Schnier (moe.), Vinnie Amico (moe.), AC Carter (TAUK), Josh Fairman (Sunsquabi), Mike Gantzer (Aqueous), Allie Kral (Yonder Mountain String Band), Mike Quinn (Doom Flamingo), Kanika Moore (Doom Flamingo), PhanieRae Takata, Alison Hanna and more! 





Make sure to check the back page of your program for your Treasure Hunt Card.