Permaculture Action Week

Get your hands in the dirt all week long with Summer Camp Music Festivals’ Permaculture Action Week!

Starting on Sunday 5/21- Tuesday 5/23, register for the 3-Day Permaculture Intensive; an in-depth workshop with prepared meals, hands on learning projects contributing to the growth of SOULPATCH, Native American ceremony, morning yoga and applied gardening techniques that you can bring back home into your communities!

What is Permaculture?


Permaculture is the science of applied ecological design that explicitly supports the care of the earth, the care of people and shares surplus. It is fundamentally based in abundance. Through working with nature, rather than against it, permaculture allows us to creatively redesign our world by creating individual and community sovereignty in an environment with less energy and resource needs.


Summer Camp Music Festivals’ long-term garden space dedicated to permaculture and urban gardening education! SOULPATCH is an interactive demonstration area where festival attendees can learn basic and advanced techniques — throughout the weekend there will be experts on hand ready to answer any questions and help you plan your garden space back home! 2017 marks the 4th year of gardening education at Summer Camp. The development of SOULPATCH will grow over time demonstrating a variety of growing methods and natural building techniques, take part in the 3 Day Intensive and help build the 2017 iteration of SOULPATCH!

May 24th Permaculture Action Day

Join Permaculture Action Network at 7 Circles Heritage Center Wednesday, May 24th, the day before Summer Camp Music Festival! Seven Circles Heritage Center is a community space to preserve, restore and share indigenous culture and Native American teachings support the growth of this learning center as we plot more permaculture garden space.

Festival Workshops

Swing by SOULPATCH – the permanent permaculture garden at 3 Sisters Park – all weekend as we host workshops and conversations about gardening techniques and methods that you can bring home to your community.  

2017 Permaculture Program Goals


  • Increase Conversations About Local Food
  • Provide an Intimate Gathering Space
  • Facilitate Education Through Creative & Diverse Methods
  • Gift Opportunity to Local Communities in Illinois
  • Initiate a Permanent Garden Area At Summer Camp Music Festival



A Special Thanks to All of Our 2017 Educational Partners