Soulshine Live Art Gallery Artists – Round 1 Announced!

If you haven't participated in the beauty of the Soulshine Live Art Gallery at Summer Camp before, you absolutely should find your way there this year. We've got a stellar lineup to start, and we're not finished! This year we had over 160 applicants, narrowing down all the beautiful artwork to 10 accepted artists was certainly no easy task. Below are the artists chosen to participate in this year's Soulshine Live Art Gallery - welcome artists! And for those of you who made not have made this round, we still have a fan voting contest that will begin tomorrow. Submit your artwork and fans will have the chance to vote in a couple more artists to this year's Soulshine Live Art Gallery. More details coming soon! Adam Gilliam Alexandria Willging Alyssa Prince Emily Cooper Justin Butts Kelsey Graves Scott Nicholson Steven Teller Terra Walker Zach Brown