Kelly Has a Run In With Victor Wooten

I was a general volunteer this past year for 2013. I had no idea what to expect because not only was it my first year volunteering, but it was my first year at Summer Camp! I instantly fell in love with the campgrounds and the magical music all around me. All of my fellow volunteers and staff were incredibly nice and easy to get along with. My absolute craziest, most awesome experience was on my first day of volunteering! I was scanning wristbands for people to enter the VIP bar/lounge. Someone who, at the time I did not recognize, was having trouble getting their wristband to scan. He told me was an artist and his wristband wasn’t working anywhere. We started making small talk and suddenly I realized a bunch of people were standing around us with their mouths dropped open, just staring. I wasn’t sure why but it made me wonder who I was talking to. Eventually he left to have his wristband replaced and about 20 minutes later he came back, gave me a quick shoulder rub and thanked me for being so nice. Then he went in to the bar and I didn’t see him again that day. I kept wondering which artist I could have been talking to, but really didn’t have a clue until my volunteer shift the next day! I was scanning passes for the backstage access at the Keller Williams show when I saw this man on stage! The man who gave me a shoulder rub and conversation! It was Victor Wooten!!! The incredibly talented bass player! I was so beside myself, I could not believe I was not aware of this when I was speaking with him. But there you have it. That is my amazingly awesome volunteer story!