Jessica Feels the Excitement

My best friend Grant and I volunteered for both of our first years at Summer Camp in 2013. This is going to be somewhat of a novel but once I get going about my Scamp experience it’s hard to stop! From the minute we arrived it was like a continuous series of fortunate events happened (minus the weather!). We met some amazing friends right off the bat on our first night and camped with them the whole weekend. We scored a prime spot in the woods. My favorite part of my volunteer experience was during our first shift. It was on Thursday morning, scanning wristbands at the front gate. I won’t ever forget how exhilarating it was to experience the tension building amongst the wet, cold, excited festival goers eager for the gates to open, and the total excitement that took over the place as soon as they did! Every person to pass through the line was super pumped up with a smile on their face. Our two other shifts were each different and busy in their own way, allowing us to get a whole different look at the festival behind the scenes. All of our fellow volunteers and coordinators were very friendly and helpful. Despite the crappy weather, we seriously had the time of our lives this weekend and will always remember that time very fondly!