Gogol Bordello Thanks Chad!

I have been volunteering at Summer Camp with the green team for three years now and it gets better and better every time!
Some of my favorite memories have been seeing the people that I have made friends with at past Summer Camps while volunteering and being able to share good music and good vibes with them whilst keepin’ it green 🙂
Last year I had the good fortune of working in the artist catering area, which was really nice but I was a bit disgruntled with one particular shift because I had to miss Gogol Bordello :/ About an hour before their set, a few guys from the band came in to eat and the lead singer, Eugene Hutz, thanked me for the work I was doing! Hearing genuine appreciation from an artist I respected made me feel really grateful to be exactly where I was and doing what I was doing, because of this I don’t regret missing their set at all 🙂
Although that particular instance was special for me, it feels great to hear “thank you” from the numerous festival goers that are appreciative of the work we do to “keep it green.” With all the gratitude I receive each year from artists and hippies alike, I can’t help but stand guard by the trash/recycling/compost bins or do the sorting shifts with a smile on my face 🙂 Thank you Summer Camp!!

I love you guys, see you in May! (lineup already looks awesome!)