Bring Your Cause

What is Make a Difference?

Make A Difference is a space for collective consciousness. We invite you to come increase your social and environmental awareness by exploring everything Make A Difference has to offer.

Summer Camp Music Festival believes that music can help bring people together to not only share an amazing weekend filled with fun experiences and new friends, but to also make a difference in our world. Our hope is that festival attendees not only leave having had a great time and also , but also take something greater away with them – a new perspective, a new fact about an issue or interest in supporting a cause.

What types of organizations can participate?

Summer Camp Music Festival attracts a wide array of non-profits working to raise awareness and engage festival attendees in their mission. We accept organizations that work to educate and advance a diverse number of issues in our world, but we do not accept organizations that have a specific religious or political mission. Additionally, we do not allow non-profit organizations to vend, or sell items, at the festival, unless approved in advance with the non-profit coordinator. If you have any questions on whether your non-profit may or may not qualify, please reach out to us, and ask!

What are the benefits of participating as a non-profit?

Non-Profits have a great opportunity to gain momentum and participation for their causes from festival attendees across the country. Here are just some of the engaging aspects of the Make a Difference program.

Interactive/Engaging Booth : Present your organization’s cause in creative ways! (10×10 space, table/chairs not provided)

Program Listing : Each non-profit will submit a logo and a short blurb about their organization, for listing on our website and festival program.

Soulshine Stage Performance & Discussion: We can arrange a Summer Camp artist interested your non- profit’s cause and mission to perform a live acoustic set and discuss activities related to your work on the Soulshine Stage!

Host a Drive: Host a festival-wide drive to collect mission-critical supplies! Drives are listed in our program, social media and promoted in our newsletters that reach all festival attendees prior to the

Stage Announcement: Hype up some Summer Campers! Speak about your passions before or after a performance of your favorite artist to fans!

Treasure Hunt: The Make a Difference Treasure Hunt is a fun way for festival patrons to see what Make a Difference has to provide, as well as adding an opportunity for patrons to learn more about your cause by hosting an activity listed in the hunt!

Marketing Value: Summer Camp Music Festival is proud to partner with dynamic and pioneering We will promote your organization on our social networks leading up to the festival. Let us help you boost any specific projects, fundraising, programming or campaigns!

Engaging Festival Attendees in Your Mission at Summer Camp Music Festival

With the large variety of activities, sounds, sights, and interactive playgrounds around Summer Camp Music Festival, non-profit organizations need to engage festival attendees in their cause or mission outside of flyers and pamphlets. How will your booth stand out from the rest? How will you draw people passing by into your space? How will you get festival attendees talking about your cause?

Non-profits play a vital role in Summer Camp Music Festival by bringing real-world issues or causes to light in a place where thousands of people congregate for a 3-4 day period. As a non-profit, you are helping to cultivate an experience for festival attendees to learn, grow collective consciousness and take action on an issue or cause. It is also vital that you, as the non-profit, create ways to help someone get excited or engaged in your mission or cause in that fleeting instant they pass by your non-profit booth. By doing so, you are getting the value you wanted from being at SCMF- getting people involved in your mission or cause.

You might be asking – well how can I do this? What are the best ways? There is no cookie-cutter answer for how to engage festival attendees in your mission/booth, but here are some questions to get the juices flowing:

• What is/are my goal(s) at Summer Camp Music Festival? (signatures, newsletter sign-ups, booth visits, etc.)
• How will I achieve these goals? How can I get someone engaged and chatting at my booth? (activity, game, outreach, etc.)
• What would make me excited to visit this booth or talk about this mission/cause?
• What would make my booth stand out?

Remember: the activity or game you choose to engage festival attendees does not have to be expensive or grand. It also doesn’t have to be directly related to your cause. Just think of a way that hooks those patrons into your booth and grab their attention to talk about your cause and how that person can get engaged. We also highly discourage flyers/pamphlets, as those usually become more waste for our sorting center to manage.

Here are some examples of activities non-profits have hosted to get people chatting and engaged in their booth space:
• Playing a game of cornhole (bags) and spinning a prize wheel if you win
• A large version of JENGA set up in front of a booth
• Henna art for those that donate/come to visit the booth
• Sticker or bracelet give-away for those who sign a petition

This year, we REQUIRE you, as a non-profit, to choose and host such an activity or game. However, you’re not alone! Your non-profit coordinator will chat with you about your ideas and help brainstorm opportunities. We might even have some really unique ideas up our sleeves to get people engaged in your mission J We want you to get the most out of being at the Festival, and we want to create an awesome experience for festival patrons. We look forward to working with you this year to help you gain the most you can out of your SCMF experience!

Interested? Want to sign up?


Leading your community in innovative and compelling ways?
Tell us about your engaging and fun way to communicate a brighter tomorrow! Previous activities have ranged from collection drives for hygiene supplies, clothes and shoes to general education to powering cell phones by riding stationery bikes, hosting a seed swap, or creating artistic public comment petitioning elected officials. Your booth is your oyster – crack it open and let’s have fun raising awareness!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many passes do non-profits receive to participate?
A non-profit organization receives 3 complimentary wristbands to the festival (including Thursday’s pre- party pass) for participating in the Make A Difference If additional passes are required, they may be purchased for the full ticket price unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon with non-profit coordinator in advance. These wristbands are to be used ONLY by your participating volunteers and/or staff who will be managing your booth on site.

How much does it cost to participate?
Nothing! What a better way to promote your cause?

When would we have to arrive at the Festival?
Your non-profit volunteers and any supplies must arrive on Wednesday, May 23rd or Thursday May 24th by 10am CST latest. Your volunteers will be scheduled to arrive at a specific load-in time and location, where the non-profit coordinator will assist with loading equipment and supplies into the

Are we able to camp close to our booth?
A: Yes – there are camping sites around all areas of Make A Difference – if you want to camp right behind your space, please let your non-profit festival coordinator know in advance!

Are cars allowed on-site to transport materials and supplies into the festival?
Generally, cars are not allowed on-site. However, if the equipment needed for your booth is much larger than what can be carried via golf cart, then we do allow cars in to drop off materials, but then they must be escorted back into the designated parking Please let your non-profit coordinator knows as soon as possible if this is something you may need.