Dylan Makes New Friends While Staying Green

I absolutely loved volunteering for Summer Camp last year. I had more fun than any of my friends who simply bought GA tickets, without a doubt 🙂
As soon as I arrived on the Three Sisters Park for the second time, my friends and I had tons of fun locating the volunteer entrance and building. We met tons of awesome people, also volunteers, some of which we kicked it with for the rest of the festival!
Volunteering for the Green Team is fun in itself, a lot of the times I was stationed at the stage I would have ended up at anyway, still raging in my bright green vest!
Everyone at the festival respects you are and what you are doing for the festival, for the world! I was helping keep the environment beautiful, and everyone even helped me out from time to time!
I plan on volunteering EVERY year, it is the best
Thank you Summer Camp,
Dylan J. Schlie