Donald Feels Young Again (w/ the SCamp Spirit!)

In 2011 I volunteered for Summer Camp to keep an eye on my 16 year old daughter. Upon arriving, I realized this was the land of music and there was a sea of youth 40 years my junior. Did I make a good choice? Oh my gosh, my shift starts in a half hour. Leaving early, I got a couple of hi-5s on the way to the volunteer tent. Arriving there, I met young volunteers hailing from Colorado to Virginia. Charlie dropped us off at the stars path. A great place to listen to the bands on Sunshine stage. By the time I finished my shift, I realized how lucky I was. I had the Summer Camp spirit! Maybe for a few brief days, I was younger than I realized. Well, it’s 2015 and I’m still volunteering and turning 70 but am looking forward to being “young again” at Summer Camp.