Chelsea Finds a New Family

After my first shift as a general volunteer my wallet was lost and never turned in. With no money for food, or gas and my keys gone as well I was a bit anxious as to how I would get home. I didn’t want this to dampen my experience so I carried on planning as I could. The more people I met, the more joy and good vibes I felt! After letting a few people know my story, asking them to keep an eye out for a grandma sized wallet, I was offered gas money for a shoulder rub. One amazing person called AAA for me to get a new key! I ended up offering more back rubs, hand massages, shoulder massages and even leg massages out at the festival if I saw people hunched in pain. It felt good to give back to the community that was so gracious to me. If I had the time to sit and talk about my crazy mishap their generosity made my day, and usually my meal! The companionship and love going around the festival was contagious. The company I met made for an awesome 4 days, too many laughs and overwhelming feelings of community. This year I hope to find everyone that helped me and give them something back! Whether it be a back rub, a laugh or a friendly hug, I cannot wait to experience the feeling of good vibrations.