Volunteer Memories

Weather Not A Factor

Patience Symmonds General Volunteer 2019 It was mad hot outside but honestly wasn’t too bad! I was on parking lot duty, and while nothing crazy or notable really happened it was a decent experience, I’d do it again if I ever couldn’t afford to purchase tickets :) and scamp that year was so awesome! Even with the big storm Saturday… more >>

Summer Camp Volunteers Are Family

Cassey Hilliard General Volunteer 2018 & 2019 My fiancé and I have volunteered the past few years. We have met so many amazing people! A select few we still meet up with every year! They have become family. Thank you scamp for making of family grow 💗 more >>

Sibling Bonding At Its Best

Kristen Green Team 2017 My second year at Scamp. I was able to bring my little brother for his 18th birthday; we were both part of the volunteer Green team. It was great to be able to pick our shifts and still be able to (of course) see some amazing artists throughout the weekend! We were able to get there… more >>

Summer Camp Is For Lovers

Jacob Richard Bauer General Volunteer 2019 It was my girlfriend (Raelyn) and I’s first festival together and her second festival in general so Scamp will always hold a special place in our hearts for that. It really helped us feel each other out like nothing else really could. Our relationship has been going strong ever since with no signs of… more >>