Caitlin Loves the Green Team


My name is Caitlin Zenner and last year was my first Summer Camp and green team experience! I really wanted to go to summercamp but I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I signed up for green team and it was truly a rewarding experience. I was excited to go to my green team shifts because it was great knowing that I helped contribute towards having a clean, friendly, and muddy(mother nature’s fault, but we rocked the mud) environment for all scampers to enjoy. My boyfriend, Mike, also worked the green team with me and he will say the exact same thing as myself. It was sooo much fun being at the top of moonshine watching everyone dance and carry on (check out the photo I attached of mike and me at moonshine Friday night). I also met some really cool people volunteering that I would never have gotten the chance to meet.

Caitlin Zenner & Mike Cooley
Green Team 2013

scamp 13