Ashley Wouldn’t Have Made It Otherwise!

I vividly remember telling my friends in 2014 that there was no possible way I would be going to Summer Camp. Due to my very inflexible work schedule, it just wasn’t possible. Then one day at work someone wanted to switch a shift, which in turn allowed me to be able to make it work. Once I realized this, I also realized spending the money at the time was not an option so I looked into volunteering. I decided to volunteer very shortly before the volunteer shifts were released – just in time! Two other friends of mine also decided to volunteer and all of a sudden we were SCamp bound!

A friend and I were lucky enough to be able to work a Red Barn security shift on Friday. It was sweltering on the pavement, but we worked with 2 other folks that were pretty legit. We had to make sure people not allowed in the red barn didn’t get in – and this lady took the job very seriously. One time she thought some people were trying to sneak in and ran around the other side of the barn just to make sure. The coolest thing about the red barn is that’s where all the bands were going for their lunch. I remember seeing Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s walk right up to have his pass scanned. Nahko and his crew came through too. Probably the coolest thing was giving Matisyahu directions to the stage he was going to perform at. Once my shift ended that day I went to get some tacos and saw that he had made it!

Volunteering was a great way to help out with the fest & if it weren’t for volunteering I never would have gone to SCamp in the first place. I think its a great option for anyone who either cannot afford to go, or someone who simply wants to help out and meet some great new people while enjoying awesome music.