Alyssa Feeds Off the Energy

I volunteered last year with my boyfriend, Dalton Harrolle. I loved volunteering and I am for sure doing it this year again. I found it as a good way of finding new people. We made some good friends. We would get lunch with them. Every time we saw them around the festival outside of volunteering we would always be excited to see each other and say “HEYYYYY!” I felt good volunteering because I knew I was giving back into the festival that I enjoy my own time at. I know a lot of the people who work that weekend work really hard and deal with a lot of odd people. And it felt good to see the other side of the operation. Seeing people act rude and mean to us as we were trying to scan their wristbands by handguns because the machines were broken made me really appreciate the nice people that would tell me “have a good day” or “have a good scamp” and I would take that good energy and pass it along to other people in the festival. I still use it. I appreciated them to be able to be patient with me and still have a good attitude even if they were lugging up everything in their car, in the rain to get into the festival. I still use that energy in small consumer ways in daily life. I love summer camp. It’s such a friendly, home-y, relaxing place to be during the summer. And I really loved to get the chance to be able to give back and help the people put all this together for the community. Can’t wait to be back!