Soulshine Experience at Summer Camp is a space for collective consciousness. We invite you to come increase your social and environmental awareness byexploring everything the Soulshine Experience has to offer.


About Soulshine

Learn about the work of different nonprofit organizations. Hear inspiring stories of how artists and activists are taking steps towards positive change and getting involved in our workshops. Participate in activities, such as yoga, Native American dance, the Soulshine Raffle. And, relax in the Soulshine Tent to acoustic sets performed by some of your favorite bands.

With activities around the clock, our programming will provide you with an eye opening, and maybe even transforming, experience.


10 ways to explore the Soulshine Experience:

1. Check out a nonprofit and learn something new.
2. Separate your recyclable and compostable waste.
3. Bring a reusable water bottle.
4. Participate in the Soulshine RAFFLE.
5. Participate in the Scavenger Hunt.
6. Clean up your cigarette butts, or someone else’s.
7. Clean up any trash you see lying around the beautiful grounds.
8. Participate in a Donation Drives to make a difference.
9. Participate at the SOULPATCH.
10. Spread the word about the Soulshine Experience!

Whether it’s taking a positive action or making a lifestyle change, our hope is that your return to your community and share something you have learned.

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