A Poem About Two Awesome Volunteer Opportunities Colliding

Lucas LoBreglio

Green Team 2021

T’was the Summer of 21; on a golf cart I did lay,
to volunteer behind a stage where moe. was set to play.
I reached inside my backpack for some yerba mate tea,
Having been a student ambassador for Guayaki.

Basking in the shining summer sun, I hatched a plan
to share the tea I had, to give each passerby a can.
Torso hanging off the side of golf cart speeding by,
cans outstretched within my hands, I met dilated eyes.

The first handoff elicited a triumphant little dance;
We sped past handoff #2 to a fading “HELLLLLL YESSSSS”.
When we reached the Moonshine Stage, six passes were complete,
and I volunteered for moe., whose setlist had me geeked.

What a great time! Thank you Summer Camp!