Noah Feels the Difference

Being on the green team was awesome, I actually felt like I was making a difference. Seeing all the trash we sorted find its proper place was so refreshing compared to many other festivals that ignore the fact that attendees are producing more waste than they would on a normal day. Trash sorting obviously isn’t for everyone, especially those with a weak stomach. But for me I enjoyed every moment of it, so much that I got my regular shift changed to a sorting shift.

The benefits of volunteering are amazing, I received a sick water bottle that I use all the time, ticket to the pre-party, early access to camping, scoring treasures when sorting, and the showers! To me the showers were just as great as seeing Big G and friends party on the Moonshine Stage.

I honestly don’t think I could go to Scamp without volunteering on the green team. If I did, I would probably find my self wondering into the sorting tent and jamming to some Umphrey’s Mcgee as I pick through the trash.