Derek Makes a New Best Friend AND Meets Wiz Khalifa!

I’m not to sure this is the correct year, but what I do remember is volunteering with a person named Grant. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend and was not having the best of time. We were stationed together checking wristbands, and we got to talking and eventually found out we both had a mutual love for programming (he was on track at BU, and I was on track for an internship with a tech company that would change my life). The next day, we both got stationed working backstage for Wiz Khalifas set (both HUGE FANS), so we got to meet Wiz which would have been the best part of Summer Camp that year, had I not met the person who became my best friend. He recently got married and moved to Florida for his wife, but I’m hoping to convince him to come up again this year!