Kyleen Meets GRiZ!

2015 was my first year attending Summer Camp and my crew and I decided to volunteer. We had no idea what to expect coming into it and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life! Not only did I build amazing friendships with other SCampers, but I got to meet some incredible artists during my shift at the artist catering area. I even got to check out Pigeons Playing Ping Pong with GRiZ on Sunday! Volunteering at a festival is such a unique experience. You get to see both sides of the festival. When we arrived on Wednesday (our first shifts were bright and early Thursday morning, working the VIP areas), the festival was still being built up. By Thursday morning, it was the beautiful Summer Camp we all know and love so much! Watching the transformation was so cool. The volunteer leaders made sure we were taken care of and comfortable, and most of all that we were enjoying ourselves. There wasn’t a single moment during any of my shifts that I felt like I was “at work”. I wouldn’t trade the memories I made or the people I met that weekend for the world. SCAMP FOREVER!