Permaculture Action Day

3 Day Intensive May 24th Action Day Festival Workshops Register for the May 24th Permaculture Action Day! Register for the May 21st - 23rd 3-Day Intensive! What is SOULPATCH? SOULPATCH is an interactive demonstration area where festival attendees can learn the basics and advances techniques -- there will be experts on hand throughout the weekend ready to answer any questions and help you plan your garden space when you get back home! 2017 marks the 4th year of gardening education at Summer Camp. The development of SOULPATCH will grow over time demonstrating a variety of growing methods and natural building techniques, take pictures and see the changes from year to year! New to 2017:
  • A long willow bender which will provide shade for the cultivation of mushrooms logs and serve as part of our permanent fence line!
  • A new Hugelkulture garden bed soaking in the south facing sun and also serving as part of our permanent fence line on the north side!
  • A revamped Cob Oven with a new timber structure to help serve some of the long term infrastructure needs to support our workshops.
  • An aquaponics unit demonstrating a different way to grow herbs and vegetables.
2017 Google Sketch Up rendering of the 2017 SOULPATCH garden plot!

2017 Google Sketch Up rendering of the 2017 SOULPATCH garden plot!

Drop by Summer Camp Music Festivals’ long-term garden space dedicated to permaculture and urban gardening education and check out the daily schedule to see what classes you can take to improve your green thumb!