Live Art Gallery

The Soulshine Live Art Gallery is an exhibition of distinctive visual artists, builders and creators aimed at providing high quality and unique art for display and for sale.  Information for joining us in 2017 will be available soon!

2016 Live Art Gallery

The Live Art Gallery will once again be located on either side of the stage inside of the Soulshine Tent. As the day moves into night, you can find the artists themselves painting live to some of your favorite bands at various stages throughout the festival.

The following artists were featured in the Soulshine Live Art Gallery at Summer Camp 2016:
Adam Gilliam
Alexandria Willging
Alyssa Prince
Emily Cooper
Gavin Gonzo Gerundo
Jon Griffin
Justin Butts
Kelsey Graves
Scott Nicholson
Steven Teller
Terra Walker
Zach Brown

Scroll through the images below to see a sample of each artist’s work!