Volunteer Memories

Ashley Wouldn’t Have Made It Otherwise!

I vividly remember telling my friends in 2014 that there was no possible way I would be going to Summer Camp. Due to my very inflexible work schedule, it just wasn’t possible. Then one day at work someone wanted to switch a shift, which in turn allowed me to be able to make it work…. Read more »

Melanie Has Never Had a Better Time

Last year was my first time volunteering at Summer Camp on the Green Team, and honestly, it’s hard to choose just one moment. Therefore, I’ll share a few! My first shift was Thursday night and I was over in the VIP section picking up trash and also helping people carry their stuff because at this… Read more »

Michael Gets Lucky

I’ve volunteered 3 years now and it is always a blast. My first year I was stationed to help out in the VIP tent, no clue how I got that lucky, and was able to see a private Keller Williams show down there, and attend the confiscation party. It was hands-down the best night of… Read more »

Brooke is Backstage for Green Team

I have volunteered with Green Team twice now, but my favorite volunteer memory is from my first SCamp in 2014. It was my second shift with Green Team, and I was working the Moonshine Stage on Friday. The first few hours of our shift were dragging because that stage hadn’t even opened yet. We passed… Read more »

Noah Feels the Difference


Being on the green team was awesome, I actually felt like I was making a difference. Seeing all the trash we sorted find its proper place was so refreshing compared to many other festivals that ignore the fact that attendees are producing more waste than they would on a normal day. Trash sorting obviously isn’t… Read more »

Zach Feels the Positive Energy on Green Team

I think that my favorite part about volunteering for the green team this past year was just the positive energy from everyone and how willing and eager everyone was to help our with recycling the best that they could. I received countless hugs and high fives from all different kinds of people, and that really… Read more »

Benjamin Makes a Great Case!

If being at Summer Camp over memorial day weekend is a priority to you, why not go for free?! I’ve realized over time that there are two general types of S’Campers: a). The camper that hangs out and observes the awesomeness from the sidelines. These folks, more often than not, are the first timers or… Read more »

Ronald Loves Volunteering!


My best memories from the last two years is the feeling of being involved in a team that gets things done. Every single Volunteer is participating to make Summer Camp a safe and memorable event. The new friends made and the awesome staff are worth the effort.

Christopher Makes a Difference with Rock the Earth


As 2014 was getting closer and closer to Memorial Day weekend, I didn’t think I was going to make it to SCAMP. Very dissapointing. . . But 2 days before the weekend my friend Shelby called me and told me she has a friend who needs someone to volunteer in exchange for a free ticket…. Read more »

Brett Has a New Perspective After Joining the Green Team


Since 2012 I mainly volunteer when I go to festivals and normally I would avoid the Green Team at all costs, the idea of picking up trash and stuff just wasn’t for me. I signed up late in 2014 so ended up doing Green Team for the first time. It ended up being a huge… Read more »